About us

“In a stroke of life the genius turns mindfulness to Kindfulness: The Practice that opens our heart to healing ourselves and others”

This is a secret to gain fast calmness and happiness through Kindfulness meditation and healing retreat. I share from my own experience. I experienced in my life, as a result from my physical and mental health during the year end of 2016 due to working hard, stress, anxiety and my father passing away at that a same time. Everything was coming detached so fast. During a hard time a depression occurred at this time too. Medicine therapy from a hospital increased my sleepiness and my mind lacked control of the brain. The counseling from a psychiatrist did not help my feelings to be perky. Instead, the body deteriorated and the mind dwelled in an unconsciousness. I couldn’t remember anything in my life, not even my own name. One day I picked up the mirror to look at my face to ask “Who am I?”. I was so shocked! Immediately, I awakened and told myself “Wake up, wake up”. I decided to throw all kinds of medicines into the trash, get up and take a shower.                I returned to silence at a meditation center, finding the truth of myself again and wake up the world!

I’m very humbled to be here for share a knowledge-wisdom that transforms yourself and the world to a better world to stress, anxiety and depression reduce and live together with harmony, happiness and peace. This wisdom is based on the teachings of the Lord Buddha. Everyone can experience this; the formed mind ceases due to perception, and as we experience the cessation, we realize that the mind becomes peaceful as well. This state of the mind is called Nirvana. Every one may not get an instant result but continue to do it. Healing yourself and healing the world through Kindfulness!

What is Kindfulness:  Kindfulness Practice is a meditation practice using mindful-awareness and giving kindness to ourselves. It is a method of focusing on our awareness of ‘Here and Now’ to change our thoughts not just our chants. Kindfulness develops a mindful and kind approval when you are aware of those beings in front of you in all situations. It’s a universal traditional virtue. Let’s fill and flow our selves, mind and body with it. Then judgement distinction, discernment and discrimination are all imbued with kindfulness itself. When we add kindness to mindfulness we get kindfulness. Kindfulness is the cause of relaxation. It brings ease to the body, to the mind, and to the world. Kindfulness allows healing to happen.

Our Phylosophy of Training: will be implemented regardless of mindset, belief, or religion to develop people’s mindset through Kindfulness activities to wake people up from suffering and confusion. The Various course used Lord Buddha’s main principles  and King Rama IX  integration work  as the guiding principles. The objectives of the study were learning and living together for daily life with happiness and understanding.

Our Vision aims to:
– Provide the various course of Kindfulness skillful training, Spiritual life Coaching.
– Provide the course of Kindfulness meditation and healing retreat, stress, anxiety and depression reduce.
– Provide the English Activities camp for Missionary monks , nun or lay people and The Meditation teachers or The Dhamma Teachers.
– Provide as “the center services” to the Master or meditation instructors to use a place for practicing and education about Theravada temple-stay.

Our Mission:
1. Start with basic and learn the advanced technique well.
2. Go deeper with group and flow with deepest private teaching.
3. Applies in your life, family, business in relationship.

The Core of Dhamma Teaching : PMP354 Model

Threefold Learning (1. Training in higher morality; 2. Training in higher mentality; 3. Training in higher wisdom)

The Power : Controlling faculty; (1. Confidence 2. Energy; effort 3. Mindfulness 4. Concentration 5. wisdom; understanding.)

The sublime states of mind ; (1. Loving kindness 2.Compassion 3.Sympathetic joy 4.Equanimity.)